My new camera

Month ago I bought Sony NEX 6 - you can see it in my hand.

It's small and have lots of icons on the screen.


My photos


Found cool camera

Today I saw cool and compact Sony NEX 6 photo camera.

Hope soon enough I will have enough money to buy it...

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99 Bottles

Simple JS script puzzle, see it running

if (confirm("Are you old enough to read about beer\n" +
        "according to your local community standards?")) {
  for (i = 99 ; i > 0 ; i--) {
    j = i - 1;
    if (i != 1) {
      icase = "bottles";
    } else {
      icase = "bottle";
    if (j != 1) {
      jcase = "bottles";
    } else {
      jcase = "bottle";
    document.writeln(i + " " + icase + " of beer on the wall,");
    document.writeln(i + " " + icase + " of beer,");
    document.writeln("take 1 down, pass it around,");
    if (j != 0) {
      document.writeln(j + " " + jcase + " of beer on the wall.<br/>");
    } else {
      document.writeln("No more bottles of beer on the wall!<br/>");
} else {
  document.write("You might want think about moving to another community.")

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npm install -p eviltext

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